Wheel Soap Concentrate 250ml

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Specially formulated concentrated wheel shampoo


We created a unique blend of ingredients which has produced an extremely fast acting and strong Wheel Shampoo, acid-free with great degreasing properties for deep and thorough cleaning of wheels & tyres.

Ideal for maintenance of protected and sensitive wheel finishes, Mr Bling Wheel Soap will safely remove dirt, mud & road film when the use of an acid based alloy wheel cleaner is not preferred.

The PH neutral composition has the power to clean effortlessly whilst also being gentle enough not to strip any existing wax, coatings or sealants so your safe in the knowledge that your wheels are always protected.

Mr Bling Wheel Soap has the ability to be used as both a traditional wheel shampoo in a bucket as well as diluted into a spray bottle which can then be sprayed directly onto the surface and used with a wheel brush or wash mitt.

The fully biodegradable formula means you are not harming the environment.


  • Acid free formula
  • Will not strip wax, coating or sealants
  • PH neutral blend meaning its gentle on surfaces
  • Versatile enough to be used either in a bucker or in a spray bottle
  • 100% Biodegradable


Wheel Soap is a shampoo specially developed product in the car wash routine, it removes the dirt and grime that gathers on your wheels and is stronger than a traditional bodywork shampoo as it tackles much harsher contamination.


  • Shake well, add 2-3 capfuls to a wheel bucket or 1 capful in a 500ml spray bottle and
  • Top up with water
  • Wash wheels and tyres
  • Rinse the areas thoroughly
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