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Wheel Soap - 250ml


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Highly Concentrated



Mr Bling Wheel Soap is an acid-free Ph neutral formula has great degreasing properties for deep cleaning of wheels, tyres and wheel arches prior to applying wax, sealants and tyre dressings. This shampoo is ideal for the maintenance of protected and sensitive wheel finishes.

Wheel Soap will safely clean brake dust, mud & road film where the use of an acid based alloy wheel cleaner is not an option without stripping any existing wax or sealants or coatings.

Mr Bling Wheel Soap has the ability to be used as both a traditional wheel shampoo in a bucket as well as diluted into a spray bottle which can then be sprayed directly onto the surface and your chosen wheel brush or wash mitt. Being a biodegradable formula you can rest easy that you are not harming the environment.

Our easy dilution ratios make it an economical solution while maintaining it's safe and superb cleaning strength.

Take the hard work out of wheel cleaning and enjoy cleaner, shiny wheels more often with our strawberry scented shampoo.

Additional Information

Direction For Use For use in a bucket mix 1 capful for every 3 litres of water, for use in a spray bottle mix 1 part shampoo to 9 parts water. Rinse areas thoroughly.
Volume ( ml / l ) 250