Trim And Tyre Dressing 500ml

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Gloss shine for trim and tyres with no sling or sticky residue


The choice of trim and tyre dressing comes down to personal preference, some like a glossy wet shine while others like a more satin finish, for the latter Mr Bling Trim And Tyre Dressing provides the finish and a statement of evidence of a fresh, clean and well looked after car, it ticks all the boxes for a silky satin finish on tyres.

A firm favourite amongst professionals and enthusiasts alike that are looking for a high shine product that is easy to apply and gives a great OEM finish. Our unique formulation contains premium ingredients which helps to stop tyres from turning brown.

A secret specialist formula, our trim and tyre Dressing is developed to enhance the appearance of all rubber and plastics, also effective for use on wheel-arches, bumpers and trims.

Mr Bling Trim And Tyre Dressing is filled with high quality, being water based it contains no silicone oils.

Easy to apply, it not only produces a high shine finish but it penetrates, conditions and protects these surfaces.


  • Ultimate Satin shine on tyres, plastics and rubber
  • Long lasting water based formula will not sling or run off the surface
  • Penetrates, conditions and protects
  • Gives your vehicle that fresh, well looked after appearance


Tyre dressings provide a statement to the world, “my car has been freshly cleaned, is well looked after and is a joy to look at” For that reason tyres, plastic trims and rubber should be dressed with a premium product that lasts. Mr Bling Trim And Tyre Dressing is that product.


  • Ensure the surface is clean and dry prior to application
  • Spray directly onto the surface or onto a clean microfibre cloth, sponge Applicator or brush
  • Work into the surface
  • Wipe away any excess
  • Leave to dry naturally
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