Tar And Glue Remover 250ml

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Safely dissolves stubborn tar spots

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We created a super strong and superior formula dedicated to dissolving tar spots and sticky, gluey residue on all paintwork and plastic which enables safe and simple action by wiping off with a microfibre cloth or washed off with a shampoo.

Tar spots can reek havoc on surfaces and are usually produced from road spray. They are very stubborn to remove especially if neglected for an extended time but our formula makes light work of laborious tasks.

Mr Bling Tar And Glue Remover is a bespoke oil-based formula that aggressively but safely breaks down and lifts away the most stubborn tar, oils, grease and adhesive residue without the need for scrubbing to prevent it causing permanent damage.

The powerful chemical formula is safe to be used on all external surfaces including clear coat, single stage paint, glass, rubber, plastic and vinyl.


  • Safely breaks down tar, oils, grease and adhesives
  • Powerful oil-based formula safe on all exterior surfaces
  • Eliminates the need for scrubbing which would cause damage to surfaces


Tar, oils, grease and adhesives can pose a serious issue if left untreated on the finish of your paintwork. The extremely strong chemical formula we have developed means breaking down and dissolving these stubborn substances without any harsh scrubbing is no longer an issue.


  • Spray directly onto the surface area and allow to dwell for between 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Gently wipe away using a clean microfibre cloth or lightly agitate with a soft bristle brush
  • Rinse away with water
  • Do not use excessive pressure or scrubbing when wiping away, in extreme cases repeat the process
  • Not to be used on refurbished wheels or resprayed paintwork due to possible poor workmanship
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