Super Fine Clay Bar 60g

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Mechanically decontaminates paint and glass

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Mr Bling Super Fine Clay Bar are quality detailing clay bars are made right here in the UK and are an advanced product for mechanically decontamination and preparation of smooth surfaces before paint correction or the application of wax, sealants or permanent coating should be undertaken. Our clay bars contain compounds which remove impurities from smooth surfaces.

Our non-scratch surface cleaning clay putty will simply and safely grab surface contamination when used with our clay lube. Our Super fine Grade Clay Bar is ideal for less contaminated surfaces and contains properties which will start to remove very very light scratches. It is slightly less abrasive than Mr Bling Fine Clay Bar but still Strong enough that it will not mark or mar paintwork.

Strong enough to remove contaminants, leaving your paintwork feeling as silky smooth as glass.


  • Mechanical decontamination of impurities from any smooth surface
  • A vital step in the preparation of paint correction and application of final stage protection
  • Non-scratch compound which will safely grab impurities from the surface


The terminology “clay barring” refers to the process of mechanically decontaminating any exterior smooth surfaces such as painted or glass using a piece of clay putty which is lubricated using clay lube. Very fine contaminants such as iron particles, rail dust and paint over spray can embed itself in the surface and are not able to be removed by washing. Clay barring is the most efficient way of removing them.


  • Wash the surface thoroughly
  • Mould the clay within your palms into a flat shape comfortable to hold
  • Wet both the surface to be treated and the clay using Mr Bling Clay Lube
  • Lightly rub the clay over the surface until it becomes smooth
  • Ensure the surface remains wet at all times
  • Wipe the residue off the clay, fold over and remould to reveal a fresh surface
  • Wipe away the residue from the surface
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