Pre-Wax Cleanse 500ml

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Micro-Abrasive paint cleanser


Mr Bling Pre-Wax Cleanse must be the 8th wonder of the world, ok so maybe that was a bit over the top but within the detailing industry this truly is a ground-breaking formula. Its an essential product for all detailer and weekend warriors alike.

When preparing the paintwork for the final stage whether it be for wax, sealant or ceramic coating the importance of ensuring the surface is as decontaminated, smooth and has the clarity to demonstrate the effectiveness of the LSP as possible is essential. This is where our Pre-Wax Cleanser really comes into its own setting the benchmark.

It removes any oxidation and contaminants which may lay on the surface of the clearcoat by using micro-abrasives, while it is doing this crucial job it is also removing micro scratches in the clearcoat. As if that wasn’t enough for 1 product it tops it off by creating a deep gloss shine and mirror reflection.

Whether applied by hand or by machine polisher, this fast acting product will cut fast to remove micro-scratches not filling them and then provide the wet shine of a finishing compound on any painted surface.


  • Strips the surface of waxes and oils
  • Micro-abrasive, ground-breaking formula removes micro-scratches with ease
  • Perfectly prepares the surface ready to apply wax, sealant or ceramic coating
  • Creates a deep gloss shine and mirror reflection
  • Can be applied by hand or machine polisher
  • Highly economical


Pre wax cleansers are essential before applying any wax, sealants or ceramic coatings to your paintwork, the surface must be prepared to the best of its ability if the LSP (last stage Protection) is to create the best results and last the true duration. The paint should be clean and dry prior to applying pre-wax cleaners.


  • Wash and dry the paintwork thoroughly
  • Apply a few drops to the applicator or light/finishing machine polishing pad
  • Polish paintwork applying even pressure
  • Ensure the whole area is covered
  • Buff off carefully using a soft microfibre cloth
  • Use Mr Bling panel wipe to clean the area
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