Pre Wash Snow Foam 500ml

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Ph Neutral pre wash will not stain surfaces

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Our unique Ph neutral, touchless, pre-wash snow foam shampoo contains the necessary ingredients which have the ability to create thick foam to safely encapsulate dirt, lifting and carrying it away from surfaces.

Creating a copiousness amount of thick foam that encapsulates dirt, salt, road debris and fresh contaminants, lubricating the surface and guiding them safely down and off for a scratch-free wash.

Mr Bling Snow Foam challenges gravity refusing to run off the vehicle quickly and instead using its time while holding onto the vehicle by grabbing hold of the contamination and safely carrying it off the vehicle without harming the paintwork.

Created using water softeners that reduce water spots caused by the calcium found in tap water, our Ph neutral formula is safe to use in direct sunlight leaving no residue when rinsed away. It removes traffic film, dirt, road debris and salt effectively without stripping away wax, coatings or sealants.

Fully Bio-degradable


  • Unique consistency encapsulates and guides dirt safely away from paintwork
  • Contains water softeners which reduce water spots
  • PH neutral formula is safe to use in direct sunlight
  • Will not strip away wax, coatings or sealants
  • Fully Biodegradable


Pre-wash products are a great touchless solution which starts the cleaning process off removing a large amount of dirt, traffic film, salt road debris and contaminants that refuses to budge by simply rinsing the vehicle. Applied before the traditional car shampoo this stage can greatly reduce the chances of inflicting scratches or marring paintwork.


  • Dilute in a snow foam gun or foamer 1:10 ( 100ml product - 900ml water )
  • Allow to dwell as the foam draws contaminants away from the surface
  • Rinse thoroughly ensuring product is completely gone
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