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Iron Fallout Remover - 250ml


Quick Overview

Iron Particle Dissolver



Mr Bling Iron Fallout Remover tackles Iron particles that attack and embedded themselves in both paintwork and alloy wheel finishes. There are many ways in which these defects become embedded amongst the list is rail dust and brake dust.

Vehicles leave the manufacturing plant they are more than often transported by train to their chosen dealership. During that exposed journey iron particles from the tracks are flicking up and onto your soon to be purchased vehicle creating defects in the clear-coat. Iron fallout is also easily collected just by general driving on everyday roads due to brake pads and brake discs contacting and the friction creating brake dust.

You can easily identify these defects by using a simple trick of putting your hand inside a polythene bag and lightly rubbing your finger tips over the freshly cleaned paintwork and alloy wheels, any roughness is due to iron fallout.

Luckily there is a solution to remove these defects and get your surfaces back feeling ultra smooth again, “Iron fallout remover”.

Mr Bling Iron Fallout Remover is extremely effective, it dissolves the iron it comes into contact with instantly and only the iron making it totally safe to use on all surfaces. Leaving behind a trail of deep purple dye to display its dissolving ability is complete which is then safe to rinse away leaving a surface smooth and contamination free.

It neutralises the bond with porous surfaces without the need for agitation and will not streak or stain surfaces.

Additional Information

Direction For Use Wash and rinse exterior. Spray on surface ( alloys, bodywork ) and leave it to dwell for upto 4 minutes, do not let it dry. Rinse thoroughly
Volume ( ml / l ) 250