Clay Lube 500ml

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Safely lubricates smooth surfaces in conjunction with clay bar for mechanical decontamination

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We created our clay lube to safely lubricate any smooth surface and reduce any surface tension in cooperation with clay bars.

It works by seamlessly assisting the claying process and significantly reducing the risk of scratching or marring paintwork by actively removing the surface tension and encouraging the clay to glide over the panel lifting away stubborn contaminants and embedding them within the clay to reveal a silky smooth finish.

Simple to use, this versatile product works beautifully as a dedicated clay lube on painted, glass or any smooth surfaces.

Mr Bling Clay Lube is versatile due to wetting agents and its lubricating properties so it can also be used to prime polishing pads when using our polishing compounds.

The fully biodegradable formula means you are not harming the environment.


  • Created to work with clay bar
  • Actively removing the surface tension and encouraging the clay to glide over smooth surfaces
  • Significantly reduces the risk of scratching or marring paintwork when used with clay bars
  • Versatile, great as a clay lube or pad primer
  • 100% Biodegradable


The terminology “clay barring” refers to the process of mechanically decontaminating any exterior smooth surfaces such as painted or glass using a piece of clay putty which is lubricated using clay lube. Very fine contaminants such as iron particles, rail dust and paint over spray can embed itself in the surface and are not able to be removed by washing. Clay barring is the most efficient way of removing them.


As a clay Lubricant:

  • Wash the surface using shampoo
  • Spray lube directly onto the clay bar and the surface
  • Work in an area about 2ft squared rubbing the clay bar across the surface
  • Ensure the surface is well lubricated at all times

As a pad primer

  • Apply the product in a spiral from the centre to the outer edge of the pad
  • Work the primer into the pad ensuring the entire face of the pad is moistened
  • Apply your chosen polishing compound at the recommended amount as per instruction
  • Reapply pad primer as and when needed
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