Carnauba Spray Wax 500ml

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T1 Carnauba wax in spray form for easy application without sacrificing on quality

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Carnauba Spray Wax provides the perfect finish for any painted, plastic, metal, chrome, glass or vinyl surface of your vehicle. Designed to be an easy-to-apply wax in liquid form, its essential job is to protect surfaces but with the high levels of T1 Carnauba as well as other ingredients we have added it also produces unrivalled levels of extreme gloss.

This is no conventional wax by any means, it not only protects surfaces but also creates a beefed-up hydrophobic barrier against liquid while enriching deep gloss shine amazingly well.

It’s outstanding ability to extend the protection against harsh road and weather conditions, provide a versatile hydrophobic barrier against liquids and enhance the deep gloss shine of any LSP (last stage protection) that is already applied makes this an all round winner.

Mr Bling Carnauba Spray Wax is a water-based, environmentally friendly formula which contains no harsh abrasives or chemicals. The unique formula contains an advanced blend of waxes including T1 Carnauba, surfactants and polymers to produce an ultra slick surface that dirt, grime, road debris and water simply slide off from. This spray wax can be used as a LSP or to intensify the finish on top of waxes, sealants and coatings.

The unparalleled formula cures quickly upon contact with the surface ready to buff off with a soft microfibre cloth. The formula will provide up-to 3 months protection, water beading and high gloss as long as the vehicle is maintained regularly with quality wash products such as the Mr Bling range. Applied after every maintenance wash it will continue providing protection, beading and shine and greatly reduce maintenance wash times.


  • Intensify all colours on paintwork
  • Creates a rich gloss depth of shine
  • Single application provides the key benefits for up-to 3 months
  • Will improve any LSP for a deeper shine, water beading and protection
  • Fast curing times
  • UV protections
  • Fruits Of The Forrest scent


After a thorough wash, decontamination and any paint correction that may be needed wax is your LSP (last stage protection) which is indispensable to protecting the paintwork from the elements as well as providing a superior high gloss shine and insure that future cleaning is reduced and made easier.


  • Shake spray bottle well before use
  • Apply spray wax onto a microfibre cloth and onto the surface
  • Using gentle pressure work the product into the surface with the cloth
  • Using a clean soft microfibre cloth buff off the residue to reveal a deep intense shine
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