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Welcome and thank you for coming to visit Mr Bling Performance Detailing, a family business and your number one source for Premium automotive paint restoration, cleaning & detailing products. We're dedicated to providing you with the very best automotive care products all manufactured right here in the UK using our bespoke formulas and the finest ingredients. With an emphasis on absolute grade A quality, value for money and unrivalled service we go the extra furlong to ensure customer satisfaction.

Founded in July 2015 by myself Dwayne Wilmot, Mr Bling Performance Detailing has come a very long way from its humble beginnings. When I first started out as a very young boy I had a keen interest in chemical science, my 1st science set bought by my mum back in 1988 was never far from hand and often getting me in quite a bit of trouble at home. In my early teens I was tasked with the responsibility of washing mum and dad's cars as well as a few of the close neighbours for pocket-money, back then it was a bucket filled with hot water, a large yellow sponge and fairy liquid (a mortal sin within our detailing community).

Fast forward 27 years and my passion for cars and enthusiastic driving, naturally led me towards the fascination for keeping my own pride and joy in pristine condition. First with careful cleaning techniques, followed by minor repairs and restoration to the less than perfect paintwork. The learning curve was steep but the sheer enjoyment and results drove me to delve deeper and deeper into the hobby. Having a very modest salary working a mundane office job, an 18 month old daughter and no real career path, I made the bold decision to start my very own business.
In early 2019, in a new position as a lone parent of 2, sales hit an all time low and the business began to struggle. It was one cold and wet Saturday, as I sat with my children, pondering my options, everything changed!  As I looked at the two most important people in my life, I realised I had to do whatever it took to build Mr Bling Performance Detailing back up, bigger and better than before, to give them a positive future. 

This year Covid-19 has created a global threat to businesses worldwide however with a few adaptations along the way we have become a strong and resilient brand which maintains it’s reliability and will continue to flourish.
We appreciate everyone who has contributed and supported us thus far, we are very excited for the future and promise to continue to bring nothing but the very best to you all.